About Us


All of us serve a broad range of selectable primary meals, snacks and liquids. From good hamburgers created using tasty fresh ingredients and our fun curly french fries, right through to the indulgent hammer toe dogs with lashings of American-style ketchup. Of course, all of us cater to people with gluten-free, halal and dairy-free requirements.

Zen BBQ Catering is a meals truck based catering organisation that will change your view of mobile food forever! The menu is inspired only by adventurous street food by around the world. Our focus is without question on all things to do with cooking food with fire.

We likewise do on site refreshments, where we come to your company setting up or residence and set up and provide you with all the necessities that you will need, which will change depending on the meal package that you just put together (see catering menu). We have a wide variety of food types as well, making it a completely cutting edge experience in deliciousness every time you use our services! Almost all food is served and

prepared in a professional manner with appropriate equipment, and a very skilled staff, from the drivers towards the kitchen. All catering pickup truck food is made fresh regularly by our kitchen personnel at the restaurant.